99% Purity Smart Drug Powder Nootropics Piracetam Pharmaceutical Raw Material CAS 7491-74-9

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99% Purity Smart Drug Powder Nootropic Piracetam Pharmaceutical Raw Material CAS:7491-74-9


Piracetam--Quick Details:


Piracetam--CAS: 7491-74-9

Piracetam--MF: C6H10N2O2

Piracetam--MW: 142.16

Piracetam--EINECS: 231-312-7

Piracetam--Chemical Properties White Solid

Piracetam--Usage antinauseant


Biological Activity Nootropic that displays cognitive enhancing properties. Proposed to enhance neurotransmission via modulation of ion flux; potentiates Na + influx through AMPA receptors. Facilitates efficiency of cholinergic neurotransmission at muscarinic receptors.




Sunifiram, also known as DM-235, is a piperazine derivative of Piracetam that is commonly associated with Racetam compounds even though they are technically not part of that particular class. It has been shown to have nootropic effects in animal test subjects; according to scientific studies, these effects are noted to be stronger than Piracetam. Currently, it is set aside for research study only.




AppearanceWhite or almost white powderComplies
SolubilityFreely soluble in water , soluble in alcoholComplies
IR SpectrumConcordant with the reference standardComplies
Appearance of solutionThe solution is clear and colorlessComplies
Single impurityNot more than 0.1%0.018%
Total impuritiesNot more than 0.3%0.047%
Disregard limitNot more than 0.05%Complies
Heavy metalNot more than 10ppmComplies
Loss on dryingNot more than 1.0%0.2%
Sulphated ashNot more than 0.1%0.06%




Piracetam is a cognitive enhancer and memory enhancing supplement. Many people across the world use the nootropic, piracetam, to effectively retain knowledge andimprove memory. Piracetam is utilized by both younger and older healthy individuals.


From recent and past clinical studies and research, Piracetam has been determined to support memory and aid individuals experiencing memory loss and difficulties in the ability to retain knowledge. Piracetam may enhance, elevate, and improve cognitive functions and abilities linked and associated to the central nervous system, memory development and memory processes.


Piracetam Benefits and Effects:


Piracetam is most known for its ability to enhance cognitive function. Phenylpiracetam influences the hippocampus which is the area of the brain that is involved in new memory formation. When using Phenylpiracetam, you may feel like you can effortlessly remember every detail from your day or from material that you read. You will also experience much higher levels of concentration and focus, in addition to improved wakefulness and mental energy.


While many nootropic supplements can have positive implications for physical performance as well as mental performance, Phenylpiracetam was actually initially developed to be used by athletes. Phenylpiracetam is believed to improve the neuromuscular connection, resulting in better locomotor activity and coordination. Some bodybuilders and athletes still use this compound as a pre-workout supplement.


Piracetam's effects are considered less strong compared to its more recent descendants but still remains a very popular choice for a well-rounded nootropic supplement. Many individuals use piracetam as a supplement to boost mental performance.


Piracetam Dosage:


Piracetam has a large range of effective doses. A low baseline dose of 400 mg is the bottom of most suggested servings, while 800 mg is the median which many people take in a single sitting. This amount can be repeated three times a day with zero toxicity effects. While this will mainly depend on your purpose for using it, the generally accepted rule of thumb is between 800 and 2,000 mg per administration, two or three times a day.


Although not applicable to every individual, the standard dosage of piracetam is 1600 mg thrice a day in the starting. This dose may vary if the patient is a child. The recommended piracetam dosage varies based on the reason of use, usually ranging from 1.6-9.6 grams daily (2-12 pills daily). Some people report better results when taking 1-2 pills per hour for 4-6 hours or taking 4-8 pills at once for the first few days to notice an effect.


Piracetam Using Guidelines:


* Since Piracetam comes in both pill and powder formulations, you will have to decide which one to use. The powder version is usually much cheaper (sometimes representing as much as a 70% discount over Piracetam capsules).


* You can use a good electric scale or microscoop to ensure you are measuring out the right amount. This also allows for better dosage control than when using encapsulated Piracetam supplements which only come in 800 mg denominations. Tablets or pills are also much easier to transport, but you can always get a cheap pill capping machine to make your own capsules at home.


* It is recommended that you take your powdered Piracetam with orange juice, or some other type of beverage that has a strong taste. The reason for this is to mask the fact that Piracetam can be extraordinarily bitter to the taste buds. Before beginning to use Piracetam you might want to seek the advice of a qualified medical professional. Despite the fact that the medical profession is sometimes biased against nutritional supplements, your doctor can help you determine whether nootropics are right for you and whether there are any better alternatives.